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Sheelagh McGough

Sheelagh McGough is a Senior Sister working on the Gynaecology ward at Watford General Hospital. Since qualifying in 1994 she has worked closely with both Mr Irvine and Mr Padwick, in delivering a personalised standard of care within Women's Services. She has worked within the areas of Infertility, Colposcopy and Hormone Replacement Therapy, but now focuses on the running of a 27 bedded ward. " I have seen first hand, the devastating effect that a diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy can have and the importance of early detection is paramount, in both the treatment and future fertility of these patients." In her spare time Sheelagh enjoys reading, sketching and the opera....and lives for fast cars. Please keep checking the website as Sheelagh will be trying to organise fundraising events, with all procedes going to the Ectopic Pregnancy Foundation......all donations will be greatly appreciated.