Lottie Hawkins

I studied a BSc in Biology at Newcastle University. I decided to move to London and I won a scholarship at Google to study Digital Marketing and Leadership. The scholarship is highly competitive, in the UK there are only three places available per year and I spent six months working with them, and at the end I received a certificate in Digital Marketing with specialism in Innovation after sitting exams every month and submitting a report.

Since then I have established an SEO company working with large international organisations to increase their website traffic and online sales. My company is called LOTTII and it is 3 years old. My work has resulted in an increase of 50-70% online traffic and 50% online sales. Apart from Search Engine Optimisation I also assist companies by setting up and managing paid advertising campaigns, pay-per-click and social media advertising.

My website is www.lottii.co.uk where you can read more about my work and request a quote.

I split my time between this and researching seaweed biochar. I have been offered a scholarship PhD at Reading University to start in 2021, this is a part-time research position. I will continue to work in the SEO field alongside this opportunity.

I’m interested in women’s health and so I am delighted to support the Ectopic Pregnancy Foundation in their work on this increasingly common and potentially serious condition. I plan to organise a fundraising event for the organisation as I believe it’s an incredibly important cause.