Welcome to Laurie’s Big Blog – December 2020

Every month we will identify the 6 most commonly asked questions about ectopic pregnancy and answer them. If you have any further questions which you cannot find answers on the website, please can you contact us. We answer your recent questions on ectopic pregnancy. Can covid19 affect pregnancy? What should you do if you suspect ectopic pregnancy during covid19? Find out in below in our December blog.

Is there an increased risk of early pregnancy loss in relation to covid19?

There is no good evidence to suggest that COVID 19 infection causes early pregnancy loss including miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.

I am experiencing symptoms of ectopic pregnancy and am worried. What should I do?

Ectopic pregnancy pregnancy is a serious medical emergency and you should seek medical advise without delay. You could contact your general practitioner or your local hospital. Please see the ‘what to do if you think you have an ectopic pregnancy’ tab on the home page of this website.

I am receiving methotrexate treatment for ectopic pregnancy. Do I need to shield?

If you do not have another medical condition or disease, the treatment with methotrexate is not an indication to self isolate.

Do I need to shield following surgical treatment for ectopic pregnancy?

After surgery for ectopic pregnancy, if you have no pre-existing medical issues, self isolation is not required.

I have had a previous ectopic pregnancy and am now pregnant. Can I have an early scan during covid19?

It is possible to have an ectopic pregnancy more than once, however, most second pregnancies are within the uterus and not ectopic. We do believe it is wise to have an early scan to confirm the location of your pregnancy, and you should seek medical advise.

I am anxious about getting pregnant during covid19, should I wait?

The event of getting pregnant is a personal one and depends on numerous factors including past gynaecology, obstetric, medical history and maternal age. There is no blanket advise to avoid a pregnancy.