Welcome to Laurie’s Big Blog – May 2021

Every month we will identify the 6 most commonly asked questions about ectopic pregnancy and answer them. If you have any further questions which you cannot find answers to on the website, please can you contact us. 

Topic: Ectopic Pregnancy around the world

How is ectopic pregnancy managed in developing nations?

The management and treatment varies widely around the world and depends on the resources available . In developing countries it could be that both the diagnostic tools including trans vaginal scanning and bHCG measurements are not available. Further medical treatment with methotrexate, or laparoscopic surgery may not be available


What would you recommend to a person travelling abroad who has been diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy?

As an ectopic pregnancy is a serious medical emergency it would be unwise to travel apart to a hospital for assessment and treatment


Is ectopic pregnancy recognised internationally?

Ectopic pregnancy is a well recognised serious medical condition and recognised around the world.


Do all nations deliver the same care management for women with ectopic pregnancy?

Due to resources available globally there are differences in which ectopic pregnancy is both diagnosed and treated. In countries with very limited resources the maternal mortality rates are significantly higher that in those that have access to diagnostic tools and treatment option with methotrexate of laparoscopic surgery (see the answer to Question 2 above for more information)

Which nation is leading in ectopic pregnancy research

As a serious and increasingly common condition ectopic pregnancy has stimulated much research and studies  resulting in  publications in the medical literature. Most of the publications in peer reviewed journals are from Western Europe and the United States of America. The American journal fertility and sterility has published many papers . I have published widely in peer reviewed journals including a paper reporting one of the  worlds highest rates of ectopic pregnancy  in the city and Hackney health district. Also papers on  fluctuating rates of ectopic pregnancy, and  the  need for caution in following follow up with serial b HCG measurements. See publications for more information