The Ectopic Pregnancy Foundation

Welcome to the Ectopic Pregnancy Foundation – a charity launched in 2004 to raise awareness for one of the biggest causes of maternal mortality in the UK.

Modern methods of pregnancy testing may be sophisticated, but sadly the time from conception to birth can still be uncertain for many women. An ‘ectopic’ pregnancy – or a misplaced pregnancy – is just one of the things that can go wrong, affecting as many as 1 in 80 pregnancies.

Often a woman may be experiencing the pain of an ectopic pregnancy without even knowing that she is pregnant. The symptoms are indistinct, and are all easily attributable to a variety of other conditions.

If left untreated, ectopic pregnancy can lead to life-changing complications, and even death. But sadly, diagnosis can be easily missed.

This makes ectopic pregnancy an overlooked, and under-appreciated risk. Our goal at Ectopic Pregnancy Foundation is to highlight the condition as a potential diagnosis amongst medical professionals, and raise awareness of the signs, symptoms and risk factors amongst society.

Together we can reduce the morbidity and maternal mortality caused by this common condition.