Covid 19 infections and ectopic pregnancy

Posted January 2022

Although cases of the omicron variant are increasing in the United Kingdom, the hospital admission and mortality rates for Covid-19 are significantly lower than the peak last year.

There is also no evidence that the omicron variant, as with any of the others, has any effect on developing an ectopic pregnancy.

The number of face-to-face consultations with health care professionals is still lower than the pre-pandemic. If you think you may have an ectopic pregnancy, please don’t delay in booking a face-to-face appointment, as the condition can be difficult to diagnose and failure to do so can have devastating consequences. Please read the below advice and visit our home page (and click on the link “Have You An Ectopic Pregnancy?”) for guidance on what to do if you may have an ectopic pregnancy.

There is no clinical or scientific evidence that Covid 19 can cause ectopic pregnancy. Furthermore any form of management including drug treatment with methotrexate or laparoscopic surgery does not put you at in increased risk of developing Covid 19 and there is no need to self isolate after treatment.

Covid is a global pandemic effecting many millions of people and had caused hundreds of thousands of deaths across the world.

In the United Kingdom major changes have been made to our lives with lockdowns and social distancing. There have been many hospital admissions and the health service is under increasing strain.

Although there is no scientific or clinical evidence that Covid can cause an ectopic pregnancy, it can still have a serious effect on those who developed one.

With lockdown and concerns over the health service there is evidence that fewer patients are seeing their general practitioner or attending accident and emergency departments or urgent outpatient clinics. This could mean that those patients with an ectopic pregnancy are presenting later with serious symptoms which may result in more women requiring hospital admission and surgery rather than medical management.

Although COVID restrictions have changed, things are not back to pre pandemic activity in the health service. Many general practitioners are now offering phone consultation rather than face to face meeting. This is acceptable in many conditions but not in women who may have an ectopic pregnancy.

Ectopic pregnancy is a medical emergency and women need to be carefully assessed including pulse blood pressure and usually abdominal palpation.

Due to the serious condition women should seek help without delay. Should face to face consultation not be possible with a health care professional , attendance at an early pregnancy assessment unit or accident and emergency unit is vital.

Thus anybody who has symptoms of possible ectopic should seek medical treatment without delay and the Covid pandemic should in no way change this. Please see what to do if you think you have got an ectopic pregnancy.