Lucy Moy

Lucy MoyAm currently a GP trainee but have always been passionate about women’s health and recently decided to pursue a full career in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. I trained at the University of Manchester and received First class honours in an Intercalation BSC of Biomedical Sciences, specialising in reproductive health.

I’m currently involved in the Rainbow Clinic at Southmead hospital which supports women after postnatal death in their subsequent pregnancies. I previously spent 2 years in Australia working in a rural Emergency department, where diagnosing ectopic pregnancy quickly was vital as patients had to be transferred to a tertiary hospital via helicopter. I am particularly interested in the psychological impact of ectopic pregnancy, the experience patients and their loved ones go through can be immensely challenging as they face a fatal situation and the loss of a viable pregnancy.

In my spare time I enjoy running and the Ectopic Pregnancy Foundation has inspired me to sign up to a marathon and contribute to this worth while cause.