Action Plan 2021

There are many challenges facing The Ectopic Pregnancy Foundation in 2021.

Below are some of the action points we will be looking at this year;

  • We will refresh and improve the website adding further content and improve the ease of navigation . Also we will analyse the search engine optimisation data. This will enable to review the sections of the website which are most popular and also to assess where the hits on the website are coming from to increase our hit rate.
  • We will explore the use of social media platforms including Facebook,  Twitter and Mumsnet. This may improve the number of people that can access the information and services that The Ectopic Pregnancy Foundation provides.
  • We are looking at the possibility of providing a councillor service as we recognise that this is important to help supporting those who have been affected by this condition.
  • We have been contacted by a group asking about information for those in the LGBTQ  community. This is obviously important and we have appointed one of our faculty members who has a special interest and is working in collaboration with a LGBTQ champion to add a section to the website.
  • Ectopic pregnancy can have profound effect on the mental wellbeing of those who have experience of an ectopic pregnancy. We have appointed a faculty member with clinical experience to work in collaboration with  a midwife and patron advocate to add further content to the website

Laurie Montgomery Irvine 

January 2021