Welcome to Laurie’s Big Blog – May 2023

Every month we will identify the most commonly asked questions about ectopic pregnancy and answer them. If you have any further questions which you cannot find answers to on the website, please can you contact us.

Is age a risk factor for ectopic pregnancy?

Age may  increase the chance of developing an ectopic pregnancy . This maybe due to previous risk factors with increasing maternal age for example previous abdominal surgery including Caesarean section .  Also as fertility rates decrease with age more women may have undergone fertility treatments which is a risk factor

Is body size a risk factor for ectopic pregnancy?

There is no good evidence that an increased body mass index ( BMI ) increases the risk of ectopic pregnancy. But a high bmi may make diagnosis and treatment more  challenging   This is in terms of physical examination and ultrasound scans . Furthermore laparoscopy  can be more difficult and risky in women with an increased BMI.

Can someone be genetically predisposed to ectopic pregnancies?

There is no firm evidence that there is a genetic risks for an ectopic pregnancy

What different treatment options are available and do I get to decide?

The options depend on the clinical picture and should be explained and discussed with you it maybe that medical treatment is appropriate in selected cases rather than surgery.

How does laparoscopic surgery work to remove an ectopic pregnancy?

Laparoscopic surgery is one of the main options if medical treatment is contradicted. The surgery is either a partial removal of the Fallopian tube containing the ectopic pregnancy ( partial salpingectomy) or making a cut over the ectopic pregnancy and it’s removed without removing a part of the Fallopian tube ( linear salpingectomy) which surgery is required depends on the clinical findings – see the videos on surgery on the ectopic pregnancy foundation website.

What aftercare and emotional support will be available to me?

Having an ectopic pregnancy an have psychological impact. Some women like to share their experience and this can be done on the ectopic pregnancy foundation website ( see patient experience and psychological impact ). You could contact your GP surgery to enquiry about counselling. The ectopic pregnancy foundation has no central funding and relies on donations. It is our aim if we can raise sufficient funding to set up a counselling service.