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Comments from previous attendees

Feedback from the lecture day:
The course was very useful being both educational and informative and a great mix of lectures and hands on simulation training with one -to -one supervision that made me more confident in managing ectopics.
The best bit was practising with the endoloop.
I would recommend the course to all trainees.

Dr Sanella Capitanovitch

Dear Mr Irvine,

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in the Ectopic Pregnancy course that you organised. I found the course very helpful in teaching a systematic aproach for the surgical manangement of ectopic pregnancies. The morning lectures were very good, particularly the video demonstration session on different surgical techniques and the lectures on diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy. Most of all I enjoyed the afternoon practical session where the we could practice the laparoscopic techniques and develop our skills on good quality stalks. There was enough time for each of us to practice on different stations. There was a friendly and relaxed atmosphere threwout the course. I will definitelly recomend the course to other coleagues, especially junior registras starting to do independent emergency procedures.

Yours sincerely,

Vangelis Tselos

Dear Mr Irvine,

I attended the ectopic pregnancy study day on 9th December 2011 and also earlier on 8th September 2010. Both the days I felt that the course did increase my insight and knowledge about the management of ectopic pregnancy. The lectures were outstanding and informative. The video demonstration was very useful and quiet helpful in the day to day practice. The afternoon setting where we had hands-on practice on different specimens was of much help to improve our skills. A good team of instructors provided us with useful tips while operating. I thoroughly enjoyed attending this course and will definitely recommend to other trainee as well.

Thank you,

Satyam Kumar



David Utting:

Excellent course on Friday, thank you very much for organising.
It was an excellent overview of all things ectopic. Educational and informative and a great chance to ask the experts. I came away x10 more confident. It's important to discuss recognising and managing complications in class room. The best bit of course has to be the simulation models. With ever diminishing training time, simulation training has never been more important, and was good fun.
Hope some of those comments might be useful on your website.

YS, David

Dr David Utting MBBS
ST4 Obstetrics & Gynaecology
London Deanery

Umar Hussain:

Ectopic pregnancy study day was a very practical and hands on training course providing intense training in the laparoscopic management of ectopic pregnancy.The lectures in the morning session were very informative and well presented. The afternoon session was all hands on and the limited number of delegates allowed everybody to participate actively and practice all methods of laparoscopic management of ectopic pregnancy (endoloop, bipolar)

Dr Umar Hussain MBBS
ST4 Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Eastern Deanery



Tom Setchell:
I found the Laparoscopic 'Management of Ectopic Course' thoroughly useful. It provided a good mix of useful and informative lectures with extensive hands-on simulation training with one-to-one supervision. I feel much more confident in managing ectopics laparoscopically and would recommend the course to all those trainees keen to improve their laparoscopic skills

I attended this course whilst in DGH placment in Watford as part of my Obstetrics and Gynaecology rotation. Despite my limited experience in this field the course was well pitched with lectures aiming to provide a basic overveiw preceeding thise exploring the subject and it's management in greater detail. As a result I felt very well guided through a wide range of subjects, even those pitched at a more postgraduate level.

I found the afternoon session especially enjoyable (particularly the laparoscopic lychee peeling!) and really appreciated the opportunity to try the equiptment I have observed being used in theatre for myself I feel much more confident in the future when being asked to assist.

Penny Beddoes

UCL Medical Student

Anesh Chavda and Alexander Briscoe:

As two students from UCL we attended this course organised by Mr Irvine and his team of specialists.

Although not specifically designed for medical students we both found the day to be incredibly useful to both of us and would highly recommend it for those on placement at Watford General Hospital or any other DGH.

It was well organised and catered to the needs of a student preparing for their exams.



Dr J Sinclair:

- A well-organised course covering the main aspects of surgical management of ectopic pregnancy, with a general overview of the clinical management

- An excellent opportunity to practise general laparoscopic manipulation skills in the specific setting of ectopic pregnancy, skills which perhaps are difficult to practise in the hospital setting at SHO (ST1/ST2) level

- A good opportunity to familiarise oneself with several different methods of performing salpingectomy ie. both endoloop and diathermy, which is useful as different hospitals favour different methods


Dear Mr.Irvine,

I would like to appreciate the ectopic pregnancy course you organised as we've learnt a lot from that course.

It was a grate help for us especially the afternoon practical session.

Thank you very, very much for that.

Yours sincerely ,

Myo Nandar