Action Plan 2024

2024 will be another challenging year for the Ectopic Pregnancy Foundation, particularly in terms of fundraising as we remain in this difficult economic climate.

Below are some of the action points we will be looking at this year:

  • We will be refreshing our information database to better enable communications between trustees and faculty members.
  • We will be working on our search engine optimisation (SEO) which will provide us with the statistics to enable us to better understand the nature of our website visitors, tracking activity in terms of number of visitor hits, which pages are most popular and to refresh the areas with the lowest number of visitors.
  • We will produce a presentation around the work of the ectopic pregnancy foundation which will be utilised in our fundraising efforts.
  • Our video where I am featured answering a woman’s questions has proved to be popular so we hope to make some new similar videos.
  • We will make donations easier by making it possible to donate online.

Laurie Montgomery Irvine
January 2024