Welcome to Laurie’s Big Blog – August 2023

Every month we will identify the most commonly asked questions about ectopic pregnancy and answer them. If you have any further questions which you cannot find answers to on the website, please can you contact us.

Can an ectopic pregnancy ever go full term?

It is extremely unlikely that an ectopic pregnancy will go to term and an ectopic pregnancy left untreated may rupture around 6 to 8 weeks.  In rare cases a secondary abdominal pregnancy has been reported. In these cases the placenta has grown in the bowel or intestine.

What is the least common site of ectopic pregnancy?

Ectopic pregnancy is a pregnancy outside the normal site in the uterine cavity, usually in the Fallopian tube, but there and several other sites including the ovary or cervix.  One of the least common sites is in a scar on the uterus usually in a caesarean section scar. It maybe that with the increasing rise in the Caesarean section rate that these cases may become more common – see ectopic pregnancy sites on the website.

Can you have a period with an ectopic pregnancy?

With a pregnancy in any location including an ectopic pregnancy, it is not possible to have periods but some can experience vaginal bleeding similar to a period.

What are the signs of ectopic pregnancy at 6 weeks?

Symptoms usually occur at about 6 weeks and may comprise of dark “ prune juice “ vaginal discharge and lower abdominal / pelvic discomfort or pain usually constant and on one side.  See Signs of Ectopic Pregnancy for more information.

Are there support groups for ectopic pregnancy?

Having an ectopic pregnancy an have psychological impact. It can be a very stressful time for the woman, her family and friends.  The Ectopic Pregnancy Foundation provide an opportunity for women to read the experiences of those who have been affected by this condition and also to share their experiences.  This has been well received and found to be of help. Please go to the Women’s Experiences and Case Histories page for more information.

You could contact your GP surgery to enquiry about counselling.

The Ectopic Pregnancy Foundation has no central funding and relies on donations. It is our aim if we can raise sufficient funding to set up a counselling service.