Welcome to Laurie’s Big Blog – March 2023

Every month we will identify the most commonly asked questions about ectopic pregnancy and answer them. If you have any further questions which you cannot find answers to on the website, please can you contact us.

Can I still get pregnant and give birth after an ectopic pregnancy?

After an ectopic pregnancy  a subsequent pregnancy is likely to be in the uterine cavity. There is no reason why you cannot have a vaginal delivery if this is the only issue ( see ectopic pregnancy foundation website on recurrent rate )

Are there different sorts of ectopic pregnancy?

Ectopic pregnancy is a pregnancy that is not in the normal place , with in the uterine cavity . . The vast majority of ectopic pregnancy are in the Fallopian tube. Other rare sites include the ovary the cervix or in a uterine scar usually from a previous caesarean section (s) these rare sites can be challenging to diagnose and treat ( see ectopic and sites on the ectopic pregnancy foundation website)

What are the main risk factors for removing an ectopic pregnancy?

General anaesthetic and laparoscopic surgery are considered to be safe procedures. Rare complications include anaesthetic issues .as regard to laparoscopic surgery risks include haemorrhage due to vessel trauma with laparoscopic instruments or bleeding from the site  of the ectopic pregnancy. Bowl or bladder injuries are all rare complications (see laparoscopic surgery on the ectopic pregnancy foundation website)

How can I be sure that I am experiencing an ectopic pregnancy?

Ectopic pregnancy can present with many different symptoms and these may be slight and indeed some maybe asymptomatic. It is not possible for a woman for self diagnoses . If a woman has any suspicion that she has an ectopic pregnancy she should seek medical attention without delay ( see the website on what to do if you think you have an ectopic pregnancy, also see the section on symptoms of ectopic pregnancy)

What is the best way to manage pain associated with an ectopic pregnancy?

If you  have pain and think that you have an ectopic pregnancy  you should see a health care professional without delay  ( see the ectopic pregnancy foundation website on what to do if you may have an ectopic pregnancy)