The Patients Experience 5

When I went for my routine 12 week ultrasound scan at hospital I was told there was no sign of the baby and the gestation sac was empty. I was then told because the fetus was absent I would have to have an injection of methotrexate to end the pregnancy. After having the injection I was told that I would get some pain and if it got really bad to call up the hospital. I was in pain and it did get really bad so my husband took me straight to the Accident and Emergency. I could hardly stand. I was seen immediately and was given morphine to ease the pain. I was taken to the Gynaecology ward.

Not long after I was rushed into theatre to have an emergency operation. When I came round the surgeon said that I had a pint of blood in my abdomen and they had to remove my left fallopian tube because the fetus was growing in the middle of the tube and as a result it was badly damaged. They had also checked my other fallopian tube which seemed to be fine.

The whole experience was very traumatic and if I had known of this website with the help you can receive it would have helped me enormously.